Exercises for penis enlargement - useful tips

If a man is dissatisfied with the size of his penis, then the solution to the problem is special exercises that can be done at home. Such exercises not only increase the length and diameter of the penis, but also increase erection. It should be understood that effectiveness is guaranteed only if you practice regularly and follow the technique of performing the manipulations.

Experts ask you to be careful when participating in such activities and not to forget the safety rules. Excessive compression and stretching of the genital organ is prohibited, so as not to cause injury.


Performing certain exercises correctly will help increase the size of a man's penis. The effect can be enhanced with special tools and weights that pull the penis down. When doing exercises at home, men rarely use such devices.

There are many recommendations for those just starting to exercise. These include:

Medical products (drugs, medicines, vitamins, nutritional supplements) are listed for informational purposes only. We do not strongly recommend their use without a doctor's prescription. We recommend that you read: "Why can't you take medicines without a doctor's prescription? "

  • avoiding excessive stress on the organ.
  • absence of prolonged compression of the penis and interruption of blood supply to the tissues.
  • measured training (in the first week, do exercises every other day);
  • gradual increase in stretch and load.
  • adding new exercises after a month of training.

If a man is doing penis exercises for the first time, the training time should not exceed 15 minutes. Then increase the charging time to 30 minutes per day.

Before starting classes, it is recommended to consult a doctor to clarify the individual characteristics of the penis and adjust the exercises. One of the main rules is regularity and accuracy. Special care should be taken when working with the head.

Kegel exercises for men

Operating principle

When choosing a training method, a man should know what they are intended for. There are exercises to increase the thickness of the penis and its length. They are most often aimed at increasing blood flow to the organ and stimulating the development of the corpus cavernosum.

The normal size of a penis is considered to be 12-18 cm in length and 2-5 cm in thickness during erection. If, in a state of excitement, the length of the penis does not exceed 8 cm, doctors consider it a pathology. With such a problem, it is recommended to contact an expert for advice and find a solution.

normal testosterone level in men

Preparation for training

The result of home exercises directly depends on how the man prepared the instrument. Penis enlargement exercises should begin with warming up the tissues. Preheating your penis allows you to:

  • blood pressure balance in the penis.
  • avoid post-workout soreness.
  • increasing blood supply to the organs and strengthening the pelvic muscles.
  • reduce the risk of injury.

To warm the penis, it is recommended to use a light massage or water procedures.

Water treatments

Warm water promotes physical and psychological relaxation of a person. Before charging, it is recommended to lie in the bath or take a special bath for the penis with a water temperature of no more than 43 degrees.

procedures with water for penis enlargement

The duration of water procedures should be at least 10 minutes. The bath can be replaced with a hot shower. After that, you need to wipe the penis and apply lubricant. Lubrication is necessary to perform penis enlargement procedures.


Heating the penis through massage should be done with care so as not to damage it. For the massage you will need a towel and warm water. The warm-up technique is as follows:

  1. Roll up the towel.
  2. Wet the towel with warm water.
  3. Wrap the roller around the penis.
  4. Start scrubbing.

The duration of the massage should not exceed five minutes. The lesson is held 3 times with 2 minute breaks.A characteristic of the massage is that the head should be open and not rubbed with a towel.

Types of exercises

Penis enlargement exercises done at home are safe and painless. However, they do not require additional costs and are extremely effective.

Among all methods of penis enlargement, the most effective are those that promote tissue stretching, the development of the corpus cavernosum, and increase blood supply.

These methods will be effective only if all preparation rules are followed and regularity is maintained.

Stimulation of blood flow

Improving blood circulation in the penis causes the following positive effects:

  • improvement of erectile function.
  • increase in diameter;
  • prevention of diseases of the genitourinary system;
  • prevention of stagnation.

But doctors also note a number of disadvantages of this procedure. These include the appearance of hematomas, bruises and reduced sensitivity of the organ. Such situations appear only when a man does not follow the rules of education. Most of the time, a person puts too much pressure on the head, damaging the thin surface tissue.

Tissue stretching

The exercise can only be performed when the penis is at rest. This training is divided into three difficulty types:

  1. The man takes the head and raises it carefully, counting to ten at this moment. Then move the head to the left for 10 seconds and to the right for the same amount. The procedure is repeated twice a day for five minutes.
  2. The guy completely grabs the shaft of the penis and pulls it up. You must hold this position for 10 seconds and slowly return the penis to its original position. The manipulation should be carried out at least 10 times.
  3. The most difficult option is when the guy grabs the shaft of the penis with his left hand and grabs the head with his right hand. In this case, the hands should be directed in opposite directions: the left hand pulls the base down, and the right pulls the head up. In a stretched state, the instrument is fixed for 10-15 seconds, 3 approaches. You should do at least five approaches a day.

When performing manipulations with the genital organ, you should carefully listen to your feelings. If a person feels a sharp pain that does not stop, you should immediately consult a doctor.


The method involves achieving an erection, placing your feet shoulder-width apart, and rhythmically tensing the muscle fibers of the perineum. At the same time, the penis, like a bell, begins to swing. The duration of the lesson is from 2 to 5 minutes.

Kegel exercises

It is necessary to alternately stretch the deep muscles of the perineum for 5 minutes. To find out which muscles need to be stretched, a man is asked to stop the current while urinating. The same action should be taken when doing Kegel exercises.

Penis enlargement with Kegel exercises


It is performed with a full erection. The man grasps the base of the penis with his fingers, slowly moving his hand towards the head. The process ends after 7-10 minutes or when ejaculation is achieved.

jelqing for penis enlargement


To perform this technique, you need a special simulator that compresses the penis at the base during stimulation. Manipulation is recommended to be combined with other techniques.

tightening for penis enlargement

Squats, jogging and walking also help improve blood supply to the perineal organs, helping a man achieve the desired result. Tantric sex helps tighten the deep pelvic muscles and stimulate blood flow to the penis.

What to do after training

Aftertraining, it is necessary to ensure complete rest for the penis, excluding sex for at least 3 hours.

To achieve a greater result, doctors recommend following the following rules:

  • Eliminate bad habits. Alcohol and tobacco negatively affect the cardiovascular system, which significantly harms sexual health.
  • Don't get too cold.
  • Avoid stressful situations and excessive physical activity.
  • Eat foods rich in vitamins and minerals.
  • Prevent the development of blood stagnation (running, walking).
  • Combine training with special tools (extender).
  • Make love regularly to improve blood circulation.

If all the rules are followed, a man will see the desired result within 5-7 months. If you suspect an injury to the penis, you should immediately contact a specialist to undergo diagnostic measures and a course of treatment.

Conditions for penis enlargement

Indications for medical intervention for problems with the size of the phallus are physiological pathologies and serious psychological disorders. Often, men attribute any kind of failure of a sexual nature to the size of the organ. And the accumulation of such negativity affects not only the psychological health of a man, but also causes the development of general malaise in the body. However, surgery to solve such a problem is not always justified. After all, sometimes a man's frustration is unjustified, and penis enlargement is not necessary at all, since this is far from the main factor of success in bed. Often, height does not play a decisive role in a man's sexual potential.

Let's look at the medical conditions for penis enlargement:

  • Micropenis is a rare disorder caused by hormonal imbalance (pituitary deficiency). Surgical correction is used in case of detection of small size of the penis and its functional disorders. At the same time, only a doctor can correctly determine the size of the organ (in an excited state and from the head to the base), assess the problem and decide on the need for surgery.
  • acquired deformities and organ development with abnormal parameters. Hypo- and epispadias are often diagnosed, injuries are found, and fibrosis of the cavernosal bodies is detected.
  • penile coiling procedure. It is considered a natural process associated with general aging of the body and loss of tone, elasticity of muscles and tissues. It is not an indication of correction and is carried out on a case-by-case basis.

Sometimes corrections for penis enlargement are performed for other reasons, among which there is dysfunction in the erectile state, which is not amenable to drug treatment. The persistent desire of the patient is often encountered. In such cases, the doctor analyzes the situation and makes a decision independently, weighing the pros and cons.

Penis enlargement (in length and diameter) can be achieved using non-surgical and surgical methods. This technique is called a conjunctotomy. Penile lengthening is performed by cutting the suspensory ligament, thereby freeing several centimeters. Special groups of surgical corrections are:

  • penis implants;
  • Divisive manipulation?
  • transplantation method using tissue from another area of the skin and specific biological products.

Penis lengthening is possible without surgery:

  • use an extension;
  • use of vacuum and manual exercises.

Contraindications for penis enlargement

Contraindications are an integral part of the surgical team of medicine. Surgical correction cannot be performed if:

  • the patient is under 18 years of age and the phallus is not yet formed. If you make a correction during the period of organ development, you may face serious consequences in the future.
  • the operation is accompanied by pathological changes that make it unacceptable.
  • there is general incompatibility of the body with surgical operations, for example, blood counts (poor coagulation).
  • presence of STDs in the patient.

Enlargement methods and their application characteristics

Ligandotomy allows you to lengthen the penis through surgery. The prevalence of this method is related to the relative ease of surgical manipulation, the absence of complications and the financial accessibility. However, patients with erectile dysfunction will not be able to afford such a procedure, as lengthening the penis involves cutting the suspensory ligament, which will further aggravate the existing problem.

Based on their understanding that a certain part of the phallus is in the inactive zone (the pubic area), the ability to activate it is updated in the form of an increase in length. To do this, the link that supports the "backup" is cut. Plus 1-2 cm is the initial result of the ligamentotomy. Further use of the extender allows you to enlarge the instrument by a few more favorite centimeters. The device is repaired by a specialist in full compliance with orthopedic standards. As a result of the use of the extension, adhesions are formed, thanks to which the penis is fixed and lengthened. Adhesions can help increase the male enhancement by another 4-6 cm.

Sutures after surgical manipulation are removed after two weeks. The full results of the operation can be evaluated after 4-6 months. If you follow the postoperative recommendations and properly organize the recovery period, there should be no complications.

Surgical thickening of the phallus by surgery

The breadth of masculinity is also a matter of discussion and desire by men (and often women). There are two options for penis enlargement:

  • liposuctionBased on the name of the method, you can understand that we are talking about introducing adipose tissue into the subcutaneous area, while simultaneously doing liposuction. The necessary material is taken from the abdomen or buttocks, cleaned and injected into the subcutaneous tissue of the phallus. Plus a centimeter in diameter is a pretty good indicator for this handling. At the same time, the patient is not worried about the risks associated with the procedure and its consequences. The negative aspect is the temporary effect of the procedure and the need to repeat it.
  • muscle tissue transplantation. It is considered the most complicated surgery. The material for transplantation is taken from the armpits or the abdominal area. During the operation, the penis is wrapped with cloth and the vessels are sutured. As a result, plus 3-4 cm.

Prosthetic penis

Penile prosthesis is considered a traditional surgical method. To perform such an operation certain indications are required (small size and sexual dysfunction). Either natural cartilage tissue or artificial elastic materials are used for prostheses. Since the operation is complex, it is not performed on patients with physical pathologies. The optimal variant of a prosthesis with an inflatable mechanism, since a man independently determines the size in a standing position. Clients can choose an implant based on their personal preferences and financial capabilities.

Enlargement without surgery

Enlargement of the phallus is common even without surgery. If the patient has a desire to correct the size, but there is no way to do this surgically due to contraindications, it is worth using special devices and devices. When using devices with a vacuum function, the diameter increases. As an accompanying effect, the change in blood circulation in the organ is considered. To lengthen the penis, you should use an extender (fixator). The stretching effect allows you to increase the length by 2-3 cm after 6 months. In addition, the use of an extender is important when performing a conjunctotomy.

How to enlarge your penis with exercises

how to enlarge your penis with exercises

When nature has not "rewarded" you with a large penis, various methods are used to enlarge it. You can resort to creams and ointments or you can prefer training. Of course, this method of influence will not help to make a phallus of tiny size gigantic, but a decent result can be achieved if you conduct regular classes.

Preparation for training

Exercises for penis enlargement begin with preliminary "warm-up" procedures. They allow:

  • improvement of blood flow in the pelvic organs.
  • normalization of pressure inside the male organ.
  • reducing the likelihood of traumatic injuries.
  • achieve results.

Any activity, even that aimed at penis enlargement, requires preliminary preparation. To avoid muscle soreness, it is recommended to "warm up" them before training. This happens with the help of thermal influence.

What can be done:

  1. Take a warm shower or bath.
  2. Get a massage.

There are various methods of performing exercises, but all of them require preliminary preparation. Since in its absence there is a high risk of experiencing certain complications: hematomas and abrasions on the surface of the male organ.

The benefits of water treatments

It is recommended to keep the penis in warm water for some time before the procedure. The water should not be too hot. The comfortable temperature is selected individually. However, it is good not to exceed 43 degrees.

An effective "warm-up" method, action plan:

  • a man must fill his bathtub.
  • Immerse yourself in it up to your waist.
  • You can replace the bath with a warm shower at a comfortable temperature.

After receiving the water procedures, they start directly on the exercises, but before starting the training, it is recommended to wipe the genital organ with a towel and apply a lubricant (lubricant) on its surface.

hot baths for penis enlargement

Thermal massage

Penis enlargement can also be started with a thermal massage. This method of influence is simple, but for its successful application you will need: warm water and a towel.

  1. The man must roll up the towel.
  2. Moisten it with warm water.
  3. Wrap the phallus in a towel.
  4. Start rubbing it.

It is recommended to scrub for at least 5 minutes, then stop and then repeat 2-3 more times without increasing the exposure time. The penis is not completely wrapped, the head remains open, it is not wiped, as this can lead to unpleasant sensations.

The massage of male dignity should not cause pain or discomfort, the movements are light and smooth, but the impact force is moderate.

At home, warming up before performing male enhancement exercises is not difficult. Such procedures will help to enhance the effectiveness of exercise, as well as reduce the risk of unwanted side effects.

result after penis enlargement

Educational programme

There are various exercises to increase the thickness of the penis and its length; there are several techniques to do them.

Most often, men prefer:

  • stretch?
  • stretch in a circle;
  • stretching while sitting;
  • V stretch?
  • bell;
  • jelqing (milking);
  • Kegel exercise?
  • penile flexion;
  • tightening;
  • penis massage.

It is difficult to say which exercises will lead to penis growth; combined training is more effective. All exercises are easily done at home, but, according to the reviews of men, you should not expect an increase of 10 cm or more.

Exercise will have an impact on size, but the result will directly depend on many factors: physical data, age and health.


It is necessary that the inverter is in a quiet state. They clasp it with the palm, tightly, under the head. Then they pull forward, away from themselves (duration 5 seconds). The member then returns to its original position. After 2 seconds, repeat the process, only pull not forward, but to the right side, again for 5 seconds, then repeat the process, now pull to the left. The procedure should not cause pain or discomfort.

To perform the exercise you need:

  • achieve a light erection (not fully aroused, but about 40%).
  • Sit in a chair, but first place the penis between the buttocks.
  • that is, "roll" it by applying pressure to the instrument using its own weight.

The procedure takes several minutes (up to 5), it is recommended to gradually increase its duration to achieve the best results.

V stretch

The shaft of the penis is wrapped around the head in a tight ring. It is pulled forward for 5-7 seconds. At the same time, the thumb applies pressure to the base of the instrument, then the finger moves and passes smoothly along the entire trunk, to the head.

The grip should be tight, but the man should not feel severe pain, as this can lead to the appearance of blood and rupture of the capillary network.


Increasing the size of your IF using this exercise is very simple:

  1. We reach a state of full erection.
  2. We open our legs wide and stretch the perineum muscles.
  3. We make movements reminiscent of the movements of a bell (vertical and horizontal, respectively).

The duration of the procedure is 1–2 minutes, gradually it can be longer, but on the condition that the man does not feel pain or discomfort.


Jelqing (milking) or penile stretching is well known to men around the world.

The technique is as follows:

  • the fingers are pressed tightly into a ring.
  • they begin to move them towards the head without reducing the volume.
  • The duration of jelqing is 5-7 minutes.

A break can be taken if a man feels that ejaculation is approaching; this is very likely, since all manipulations are carried out with 100% erection.


This is a type of strength training. It is carried out in the following way:

  • it is necessary to bring the inverter to an upright position.
  • then make movements reminiscent of masturbation.
  • before reaching the "peak of arousal", we press the penis in the area of the head with a tight ring of the fingers.
  • the compression should not be too strong, otherwise bruises will appear on the surface of the skin.
  • fix the position and hold it for several minutes (up to 5–7).

This will help maintain the maximum pressure inside the organ, which will lead to the stretching of the cavernous bodies and their filling with blood.

Efficient integration

How to enlarge your penis with exercises? To do this, it is necessary not only to start training correctly, but also to complete it correctly, which will require:

After completing the exercises, it is necessary to gradually reduce the blood flow; often the representatives of the stronger sex resort to the help of an extension or complete the training, gradually turning it into a massage.

You can also vary your activities with the help of contrast friction. To do this you will need:

  1. Take 2 towels.
  2. Soak one in warm water.
  3. The other is cold.
  4. Rub the converter with towels (keeping their original temperature).

Similar procedures are carried out for 10 minutes. If you want, you can resort to the help of an extension, but it all depends on personal wishes.

What will help you achieve the best result:

  • rejection of bad habits.
  • proper nutrition?
  • active lifestyle;
  • normalization of sex life;
  • consultation with a urologist or andrologist.

Penis enlargement with exercises is a complex and time-consuming process that requires patience and endurance. To achieve maximum results, it is recommended to resort to combination therapy, not only training, but also monitoring your diet and lifestyle.